The Circle is an adaptation of a modern thriller about Mae who was hired to work for The Circle, the largest and most powerful tech and social media company in the world which to her is a lifetime opportunity. She started with interacting with customers and as she rose through the ranks, with her beauty and being natural in public speaking she was encouraged by Eamon Bailey the founder of The Circle to be part of a ground breaking experiment where she is filmed and broadcasted to all users of the social media 24/7 which pushes the boundaries of personal privacy and personal freedom.

The movie has an impressive cast where two of the main characters are played by major stars. It has a decent plot where it deals with timely themes of social media and personal privacy however the whole movie is half hearted; it is supposed to be a thriller but it doesn’t keep you on the edge of your seat.

Character development is almost non-existent, the ending did not make any sense, the dialogues are horrible and the story is so predictable. One good thing about the movie is the way it portrayed American millennial which is right on – over enthusiastic on anything that is social media, will postanything and everything about themselves.

The movie had a very interesting premise about technology, social media, privacy and politics; it just did not deliver even with major stars playing the main characters which tells you even great actors like Tom Hanks cannot carry a badly written movie. It is very slow and poorly directed with poor writing. You can always try the best iptv to get access to a wide range of movies, tv shows and much more.

It stars Tom Hanks as Eamon Bailey, Emma Watson as Mae with GlenneHeadly as Mae’s mother; directed by James Ponsoltd.