Android-based smartphones and their apps are growing day-with the aid of-day. There is a first rate upward push of apps and innovative video games, utilities and enterprise apps with every passing day. The marketplace is booming at the price of 32 in step with cent each month whilst there are at the least a dozen variety of recent devices and smartphones arising each 2-three days. Industry specialists agree with that the surge is normally attributable to the popularity of top notch smartphones together with Motorola Droid, sure HTC fashions, and the unfastened, constantly to be had, open-source nature of the OS.

Advantages of Android platform

One of the primary blessings encompass multiple technologies like GSM, EDGE, CDMA, Wi-Fi technologies to switch statistics thru mobile networks.
Comprehensive layout libraries with 2-D and 3-D graphics.
Image, audio and video libraries.
Much needed features which include excessive-resolution  download apps Video camera, Touchscreen, accelerometer and GPS machine.
Peer-2-Peer the use of Google Talk.
SQLite module integrated for facts storage.
Signed apps and signing of apps for publishing

There are numerous cell app improvement corporations and Android improvement companies which can be found offshore, in India, China, and the Philippines. Using the cutting-edge development technologies and tools many Android programmers make the excellent use of Android SDK and leverage the Open Source Simple programming language to churn out innovative and inventive Android programs.

Android developers have in the recent years, effectively created progressive apps inside the Android framework and additionally create 1/3 birthday celebration mobile apps, for PDAs, Pocket PCs and other gadgets.

Some of the general Android app improvement services encompass:
Web-based totally app development for extraordinary Android-based totally phones
Custom app improvement primarily based on patron requirements
Java cellular app improvement for creating games, enterprise apps and utilities
Software creation for one of a kind makes use of
Third-birthday celebration libraries advent
Security cellular solutions and amusement apps along with multimedia
Apps leveraging Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and GPS aid capabilities of Android
Utilities and its layout/ implementation
Testing and first-rate warranty for Android tasks

There are many who are specialists and skilled in using Android SDK for assembly their consumer necessities. Many have even created 2D and three-D apps with the help of Open GL technology. Some of the general in-demand apps consist of:
Business apps
Security apps
Communication apps with area-based service
Barcode Scanning structures
Travel apps
Multimedia apps

Our continued success in Android app development has propelled the delight ranges of our customers and feature reposed us with extension in their already-provided tasks. We have also created apps associated with the social networking domain together with apps which make use of the new hardware features like accelerometer and motion sensors.